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2 Mc Afee Agent Product Guide Contents Preface 7 About this guide Audience Conventions Find product documentation Introducing Mc Afee Agent 1 About the Mc Afee Agent 11 New features in Mc Afee Agent Mc Afee Agent feature support Installing, upgrading, and removing the agent 2 Installing Mc Afee Agent 17 System requirements Supported languages Install Mc Afee Agent extension and packages into the Mc Afee epo server Methods of installing Mc Afee Agent Mc Afee Agent files and folders Mc Afee Agent installation package Deploying from Mc Afee epo server Install on Windows systems Install on Windows from the Mc Afee epo server Install on Windows using third-party deployment methods When to install using Windows login scripts Create custom installation packages Install on Windows manually Command-line options for installing Mc Afee Agent on Windows Install on Windows with login scripts Install using Group Policy Object Install on Linux and Macintosh systems Install on non-windows operating systems from the Mc Afee epo server Install on non-windows operating systems manually Install on Ubuntu operating systems Install on non-windows systems using script options Deploying Mc Afee Agent using the Mc Afee Smart installer Create customized Mc Afee Smart installer Install Mc Afee Agent using customized Mc Afee Smart installer Command-line options for installing URL-based Mc Afee Agent manually Manage Agent Deployment URLs Install Mc Afee Agent in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure mode Assign values to custom properties Using the maconfig command-line tool Mc Afee Agent Product Guide 3 Contents Processes used by Mc Afee Agent Include Mc Afee Agent on an image Identify duplicate agent GUIDs Correct duplicate agent GUIDs Upgrading and restoring agents 49 Upgrading vs.updating Upgrade Mc Afee Agent using a product deployment task Upgrade an unmanaged Mc Afee Agent on Ubuntu Restore a previous version of the agent on Windows Restore a previous version of the agent on non-windows systems Changing agent management modes 53 When to change Mc Afee Agent management modes Change the agent mode on Windows Change from unmanaged to managed mode in Windows Change from managed to unmanaged mode in Windows Change Mc Afee Agent mode on non-windows systems Change from unmanaged to managed mode on non-windows platforms Change from managed to unmanaged mode on non-windows platforms Removing Mc Afee Agent from Windows 57 Remove agents when deleting systems from the System Tree Remove agents when deleting groups from the System Tree Remove agents from systems in query results Remove the agent from a Windows command prompt Remove Mc Afee Agent from non-windows operating systems Using Mc Afee Agent 6 Configuring Mc Afee Agent policies 63 Mc Afee Agent policy settings Configuring General policy Priority event forwarding Retrieve system properties Configuring Repository policy Select a repository Configuring proxy settings for Mc Afee Agent Working with the Mc Afee Agent from Mc Afee epo 71 How agent-server communication works Agent-to-Server Communication Interval Agent-server communication interruption handling Wake-up calls and tasks How Super Agents work Super Agent and broadcast wake-up calls Convert Mc Afee Agent to Super Agent Super Agent caching and communication interruptions Super Agent hierarchy Creating a hierarchy of Super Agents Mc Afee Agent relay capability Communicating through a Relay Server Enable relay capability Disable relay capability Peer-to-Peer communication Downloading content update from peer agents Mc Afee Agent Product Guide Contents Best practices for using Peer-to-Peer communication Enable Peer-to-Peer service Collect Mc Afee Agent statistics Change the Mc Afee Agent user interface and event log language Configure selected systems for updating Respond to policy events Scheduling client tasks Run client tasks immediately Locate inactive agents Windows system and product properties reported by the Mc Afee Agent View Mc Afee Agent and product properties Queries provided by the Mc Afee Agent Running Mc Afee Agent tasks from the managed system 91 Using the system tray icon What the system tray icon does Making the system tray icon visible Enabling user access to updating functionality Updates from the managed system Run a manual update Enforce policies Update policies and tasks Send properties to the Mc Afee epo server Send events to the Mc Afee epo server on-demand View version numbers and settings Mc Afee Agent command-line options Mc Afee Agent activity logs 97 About the Mc Afee Agent activity logs View Mc Afee Agent activity log from the managed system View the agent activity log and product log from the Mc Afee epo server A Frequently asked questions 101 Index 105 Mc Afee Agent Product Guide 5 Preface This guide provides the information you need for all phases of product use, from installation to configuration to troubleshooting.Conventions This guide uses these typographical conventions and icons.Book title, term, emphasis Bold User input, code, message Interface text Hypertext blue Title of a book, chapter, or topic; a new term; emphasis. Commands and other text that the user types; a code sample; a displayed message.LICENSE INFORMATION License Agreement NOTICE TO ALL USERS: CAREFULLY READ THE APPROPRIATE LEGAL AGREEMENT CORRESPONDING TO THE LICENSE YOU PURCHASED, WHICH SETS FORTH THE GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR THE USE OF THE LICENSED SOFTWARE.IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHICH TYPE OF LICENSE YOU HAVE ACQUIRED, PLEASE CONSULT THE SALES AND OTHER RELATED LICENSE GRANT OR PURCHASE ORDER DOCUMENTS THAT ACCOMPANY YOUR SOFTWARE PACKAGING OR THAT YOU HAVE RECEIVED SEPARATELY AS PART OF THE PURCHASE (AS A BOOKLET, A FILE ON THE PRODUCT CD, OR A FILE AVAILABLE ON THE WEBSITE FROM WHICH YOU DOWNLOADED THE SOFTWARE PACKAGE).


COPYRIGHT Copyright 2015 Mc Afee, Inc., 2821 Mission College Boulevard, Santa Clara, CA 95054, , TRADEMARK ATTRIBUTIONS Intel and the Intel logo are registered trademarks of the Intel Corporation in the US and/or other countries.Mc Afee and the Mc Afee logo, Mc Afee Active Protection, Mc Afee Deep SAFE, epolicy Orchestrator, Mc Afee epo, Mc Afee EMM, Mc Afee Evader, Foundscore, Foundstone, Global Threat Intelligence, Mc Afee Live Safe, Policy Lab, Mc Afee Quick Clean, Safe Eyes, Mc Afee SECURE, Mc Afee Shredder, Site Advisor, Mc Afee Stinger, Mc Afee Tech Master, Mc Afee Total Protection, Trusted Source, Virus Scan are registered trademarks or trademarks of Mc Afee, Inc. Other marks and brands may be claimed as the property of others.Contents About this guide Find product documentation About this guide This information describes the guide's target audience, the typographical conventions and icons used in this guide, and how the guide is organized.Audience Mc Afee documentation is carefully researched and written for the target audience.

The information in this guide is intended primarily for: Administrators People who implement and enforce the company's security program.

Security officers People who determine sensitive and confidential data, and define the corporate policy that protects the company's intellectual property.



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