Erin gray haircolour eyecolour

When hair turns gray hair, it no longer has any pigment and is missing that brown undertone.”When you dye gray hair, you have to put back the color that’s missing, says Van Gogh.

For example, if you just add a red shade on top of gray hair, it’s going to turn a bright orange.


She played many additional voices in Gravity Falls.

Erin Grey Van Oosbree (born on August 24, 1973), known professionally as Grey De Lisle (pronounced De-lyle) and Grey Griffin, is an American voice actress of many roles in television shows and videos games.

Most notably, Bolt and Frankie in Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Vicky, Tootie and Veronica in The Fairly Odd Parents, Portia Gibbons in The Mighty B!

“We all have the three primary colors in our hair—red, yellow and blue,” said Kelly Van Gogh, hair colorist and founder of Kelly Van Gogh Hair Color (who also happens to have a chemistry degree from Columbia University).

“That combination makes a neutral brown and those melanins—or pigments—anchor our color.But if you combine a neutral dye with that red, you can get a beautiful, natural-looking color.


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