Maybe just a supernova at the highest point of energy emission before the final implosion into an unlimited gravitational mass architecture represents the most dazzling, and for this reason almost invisible body of evidence left by the technological society in its attempt to get rid of reality.

This exquisite corpse sort of Dadaist, accidental recombination succeeded the dismemberment, lyofilization and centrifugation of culture, this singular object that we conventionally define as architecture: is the sweet scent of decomposition starting to affect it yet?

Xiao (@claud_xiao) says the Dual Toy serial malwarebytes targets Windows machines that have been authorised to work with i Phones and abuses the Android Debug Bridge facility commonly installed by users who run custom Android ROMs.


Or, following the destiny of all of the discourses and meta discourses of our era art, advertising, politics, philosophy, in other words, the redundant, germless and sanitized counterfeit of social meaning and culture played and showed in controlled social areas has it already been turned into the embalmed ghost of its own reflection?For even the advent of post-structuralism in architecture, and the consequent attempt at dismantling the illusory coherence of its surface seems to be incapable of exceeding a melancholic faith in technology as an automatic means for passive interactivity.


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