Error updating public folder with busy information 2016 is terri irwin dating yet


Luckily I am finished with my Exchange 2007 project, so I can get back to wrting a little.Since Exchange 2007 took some getting used to, I thought I would share with you some of the stuff I discovered along the way.When a user updates his calendar, it also updates the availability data section under the users mailbox stored inside the edb file which the availability service just fetches.Here we go again with another Microsoft Exchange 2007 piece.

This is actually done by the outlook client - not exchange at all.Outlook publishes the free/busy data for a user once every 15 minutes and again when Outlook is being shut down.As most of us know Free/Busy information is stored in a system public folder called SCHEDULE+FREE BUSY which is replicated to all exchange servers setup as a public folder replica server.SCHEDULE+FREE BUSY contains subfolders for each exchange administrative group.


Outlook Web Access and Outlook Mobile Access do not publish any free/busy data directly.

Instead they rely on a free/busy publishing agent that is called MSExchange FBPublish with runs as a part of the System Attendant Service.


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