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These extra spaces can cause an otherwise valid address to be reported as a syntax error.Try the TRIM function in Excel to remove spaces from text, or search your help documentation for a similar feature in your preferred spreadsheet application. Mail Chimp scans for misspellings of common domains and removes them from your import to prevent bounces.For example, we'll block "[email protected]" or "[email protected]" because Gmail and Yahoo were misspelled.Once you fix the spelling, you'll be able to import the addresses.In this article, you'll learn more about the issues that could cause problems with your import, and how to undo a list import.

Other syntax errors we remove from your import include unsubscribed and duplicate email addresses.We'll display the number of errors found on the page to view the import history. For example, [email protected] is missing ".com," and [email protected] is missing the dot.


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    When she was playing soccer at the University of North Carolina, the team dorm was right next to the soccer field, so she and her teammates would always go out and play, disregarding the “closed” signs all over the gates. Experience: Holiday is a key player for the WNT’s offensive attack. She played in the final three games of the 2008 Olympics after being named to the roster following an injury to Abby Wambach. She had open heart surgery when she was 3 years old and, her energetic personality as a kid worried doctors after the operation because everyone had trouble keeping her calm and keeping her heart rate down. In her senior year playing soccer at Penn State, she broke her leg but continued to travel with the team on flights during the College Cup.

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    So much so that Stephanie blew off another potential date straight after because she obviously couldn't see past her new crush on Essex's very own Ken doll.

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