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So if you want to use svn protocol instead of http over the internet, you just need to configure your server firewall to accepte incomming requests on the svn default port (3690). - in this dos Admin window start as described by your posting.

Dear sir/madam, I used the following path and tried creating adding the location.

I tried adding locations by giving the URL as - Net ERROR - Error validating location "org.tigris.subversion.javahl.

Also, depending on how you may or may not need to use /Repositories in your URI.

BOb From: Rajesh Krishnamoorthy08 Sent: Wednesday, May 06, 2009 PM To: users_at_subversion.Subject: Clarification Needed Dear sir/madam, I created a new repository and also a service using svnserve.

But you can use svn+ssh:// protocole over the internet without any problem. From an email: Today (2010-01-10) I installed Subclipse on Windows 7.

You can use Subclipse with svnserve and without Apache. Some more steps were needed: - / - - download path has changed - - is a now, the is part of - - unpack the content (not the folder) of SVNService folder of to the subversion bin folder - Run SVNService as Administrator - - ...


Instead of using a scheme in the repository URL, you use svn:, or svn+ssh: over an unsecure network. Open the SVN Repository Exploring Perspective (Window | Open Perspective | Other) 3. On D: drive try file:///D:/svn_repository/php_repo , if you created your repository in d:\svn_repository\php_repo using Tortoise. otherwise "" - - In Windows 7 open a dos-window (cmd.exe) - - give this dos-window the Administator right by - - - dos-window Icon Als Administrator Ausfuehren/Run As Administrator?Q: Ok, but if I want to use Subclipse with svnserve using svn: over the Internet, I certainly have to configure Subversion to use port 80 or 443 I guess (other ports will be blocked by some firewalls on the other side). A: In general, firewalls block incomming request and not outcomming ones. Right click and choose New | Repository Location... Note that in Windows explorer, you won't be able to find the repository easily in Tortoise unless you change into the repo directory itself. Expand the repository, and the trunk, right-click and then add your base directory for your project (in my case c:\roger_big\ql14, which contained code, html files, access databases). |X| - - - or link a dos Admin-Icon on your desktop and give it those properties.


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