Etc need updating gentoo

There are tools that help you decrease Portage's appetite.

The most effective and well-known such tool is Deltup, which allows you to download deltas, or the differences between new and old versions of package source.

That approach can save you up to 90% of the download size.

That's why we've seen the emergence of third-party search front ends for Portage, such as esearch and eix.

Their common idea is to use their own search indexes to speed up searches.

You can get information on the utility from its man page or by invoking . package name, category, or description), it can search for regular expressions or wildcard patterns, or do fuzzy searches, and its output can be configured for use in scripts.

Optimizing traffic usage Updating your software can take a lot of network bandwidth.

When using either utility, you have to rebuild the index after updating the Portage tree, and after installing and uninstalling software.Of the two, eix works faster and has more capabilities.


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