Ethan ruan chen qiao dating

River coolly said that “I don’t celebrated birthdays.” However, he was touched by Qiao En’s actions and thoughts and even took down his ring to give Qiao En. ” Qiao En’s eyes immediately shot towards Ethan and proudly said that “Ethan will get jealous if you do that!” As the drama has just finished filming in Shanghai, the three leads started talking about the interesting things that took place in Shanghai.Qiao En saw all the overly excited fans and ended up revealing that “When filming in Shanghai, Ethan Ruan loved knocking on my door at night!” Chen Qiao En, Ethan Ruan and River Chen just came back from filming in Shanghai and immediately held a Spring edition’s fans meeting session.Chen Qiao En was dressed in a dress that made her seem like she just came back from Bali.


River Chen celebrated his birthday under the blessings of the fans.

The two sticky note girls voted by the netizens also met face to face with Qiao En.

At the start however, Qiao En ungratefully said that “Please! ” But after Ethan replied that “You have my baby inside your womb! The fans even started chanting for Ethan to kneel and propose. ”After hearing fans saying that, Ethan gave in and obediently kneeled down. ” River’s birthday is next week and Qiao En didn’t neglect this character who cared so much about her in the drama.

Qiao En specially ordered a birthday cake to help him celebrate his birthday in advance.

TTV and SETTV idol drama “Fated to Love You” held a fans meeting session.Ethan Ruan gave Chen Qiao En a bouquet of carnations to wish her Happy Mothers Day.


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