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This event has its roots in a comprehensive cavalry test requiring mastery of several types of riding.

The competition may be run as a one-day event (ODE), where all three events are completed in one day (dressage, followed by cross country and then stadium) or a three-day event (3DE), which is more commonly now run over four days, with dressage on the first two days followed by cross country the next day and then show jumping in reverse order on the final day.

One, Just Chocolate, from Japan was not presented for inspection. Only three entries finished double-clear, and only 26 crossed the finish without jumping penalties. The track is relentlessly technical and will require very accurate riding.

Of the 46 that did present, three were held, but accepted upon re-inspection: Cooley Rorkes Drift of Ireland (ridden by Jonty Evans); The Duke of Cavan of Japan (ridden by Yoshiaki Oiwa), and Mighty Nice of the U. The heat has continued to build this afternoon both in the ambient outdoor temperature and in the scores in the arena!

Always trying to introduce equestrianism to the masses, the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) is using the 2016 Rio Olympic Games to put on a fresh face for horse and non-horse enthusiasts alike.

They are focusing their efforts on the most unique feature of the sport: the relationship between horse and rider – branding their campaign #Two Hearts. Olympic Eventing Team moved up from seventh place and is now tied with New Zealand for sixth place on a total of 137.50. Germany currently leads the team standings on a total of 122, followed closely by France in second on 122.20, and Australia in third on 126.40.

Eventing Team member Phillip Dutton capped off three days of brilliant riding by winning the Individual Bronze medal at the Rio Olympic Games. Michael Jung of Germany won the Individual Gold medal for the second consecutive time and Nicolas Astier of France took home the Silver medal. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Eventing competition at the Olympic Equestrian Center at Deodoro continued on Sunday with the second day of dressage. Lauren Kieffer and Phillip Dutton gave strong performances for the U. CLICK HERE for the complete cross-country course preview photo gallery.

Forty-seven horses were listed on the order of go for the second horse inspection, including Boyd Martin’s Blackfoot Mystery and Phillip Dutton’s Mighty Nice. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Cross-country, the heart of eventing competition, proved to be demanding for the 64 athlete-and-horse combinations who contested Pierre Michelet's technical course at the Olympic Equestrian Center at Deodoro on Monday. veterans Phillip Dutton and Boyd Martin rode brilliantly and stand fifth and sixth, respectively, entering Tuesday's concluding show jumping phase. Pierre Michelet’s 2016 Olympic cross-country course proves what many have come to love about the sport: it is not a dressage competition.



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