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For this example, I build a little macro that should run slowly — it checks 100K rows of data, and enters a value in the adjacent cell. Cells(l Row End, l Col)) End With For Each c In rng Sel str Group = "" Select Case c.

When you build a macro, usually you do your best to make it as speedy as possible.

However, some macros will inevitably be slow, and it’s nice to know if they are still crawling along, or if they curled up in the corner and died.

Usually the screen updating is turned off when a macro runs, so it’s hard to tell if anything is happening.

Maybe it stopped, and you’ll be sitting here for the rest of the day, blissfully unaware of the problem.

Display Status Bar = True 'ステータスバーを表示する Application. Screen Updating = True '画面を更新する Cells(18, 10) = データ件数 'データ件数を表示 Cells(22, 10) = "" '処理済件数をクリア Cells(27, 10) = Time() '開始時刻を表示 Cells(29, 10) = "" '現在時刻をクリア Range("A1: O32").

Select '※1 SS2シートへ切り替え For J = 1 To 1000000 '※1 Next '※1 Application. Display Status Bar = False 'ステータスバーを非表示にする Application.

Status Bar = "マクロで処理中・・進行状況 " & I & " (10で終ります)" '※2 Next '※1 本来の処理の反復ポイントと仮定 Application. Display Status Bar = 初期状態 'ステータスバーを初期状態にもどす End Sub '================================================================================= '================================================================================= Sub 進行状況を案内画面に表示する_進行案内A() Application.



To help you stay informed, you can show messages in the status bar, to let you know what progress is being made.

It sounds like a technical challenge, but it’s easy to do.



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