Exercise development guide for validating influenza pandemic preparedness plans Audult aunty live

What GAO Found: FEMAs National Response Framework identifies criteria for effective response and response planning, including (1) acceptability (meets the requirement of anticipated scenarios and is consistent with applicable laws); (2) adequacy (complies with applicable planning guidance); (3) completeness (incorporates major actions, objectives, and tasks); (4) consistency and standardization of products (consistent with other related documents); (5) feasibility (tasks accomplished with resources available); (6) flexibility (accommodating all hazards and contingencies); and (7) interoperability and collaboration (identifies stakeholders and integrates plans).

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Testimony: Before the Committee on Homeland Security, House of Representatives: United States Government Accountability Office: GAO: For Release on Delivery: Expected at a.m.

EDT: Wednesday, September 22, 2010: Disaster Response: Criteria for Developing and Validating Effective Response Plans: Statement of William O.

Jenkins, Jr., Director: Homeland Security and Justice Issues: GAO-10-969T: GAO Highlights: Highlights of GAO-10-969T, a testimony before the Committee on Homeland Security, House of Representatives.

GAO reviewed the policies and plans that form the basis of the preparedness system.

This testimony focuses on (1) criteria for effective disaster response planning established in FEMAs National Response Framework, (2) additional guidance for disaster planning, (3) the status of disaster planning efforts, and (4) special circumstances in planning for oil spills.

This testimony is based on prior GAO work on emergency planning and response, including GAOs April 2009 report on the FEMA efforts to lead the development of a national preparedness system.

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