Expat dating prague


There is some introduction, about 15 minute break in the middle, and some further instructions at the end. Discounted speed dating event price will be displayed after you click the 'Reserve' button.

Only after you log in, you will see if there are spaces available.

Leaving the stoops and brownstones of Brooklyn, New York, for the cobblestones and spires of Prague, Czech Republic, Black Girlin Prague explores the ins-outs-ups-downs of taking that leap to move abroad; the beautiful, comical, instructive, unexpected twists and turns and resulting life lessons.

Along the way, hoping to share tidbits about art, backpacking, TEFL, and expat life.

Located in the Northwest of the country, it displays the lowest unemployment rate in the European Union. New to the expat life here in Prague and trying to travel and photograph as much as I can.


By choosing to move there, you will enjoy all the top infrastructure of major international capital cities such as schools and transports. The speed dating event can end sooner, but we recommend to always reserve about 2 hours. New to the expat life here in Prague and trying to travel and photograph as much as I can.after losing my elementary teaching job due to budget cuts, i sold all my belongs and moved to europe with my best friend.

now i'm teaching english as a foreign language and trying to figure out where to go next on this crazy journey called life...

As the Czech Republic's capital, Prague is also the country's biggest city.



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