Face cums

Ever hear the urban legend that sperm is good for your skin?

It’s been doing the rounds for longer than we can remember, so we decided to you the lowdown on whether on not it’s actually good for your skin…

Tracy is infamous for writing about how she uses semen as a facial mask to combat stress of being a mother, aging and even a form of rosacea.

According to Tracy, who wrote a long blog post about her weekly facials, she prefers semen as an organic and cruelty-free option to harsher skin products that strip layers of cells as well as moisture from the skin.


Most of the proponents of semen being good for your skin are not doctors or scientists.

They’re simply celebrities looking for 15 (more) minutes of fame.

Among the list of people who have made such a claim are actress Heather Locklear, who manages to look amazingly young even though she’s older than half a century, singer Liz Phair and Tracy Kiss.

If the idea of using semen on your skin seems foreign, especially if you don’t swallow or like to keep cum on your body after getting down and dirty with your man, you might wonder why in the world someone would put semen on their skin.

There are a number of urban legends around using semen topically.

You'll also learn the 5 deadly mistakes you might be making that ruin your sex life and relationship. Tracy reports receiving many comments and positives thoughts from other people who already used semen as a skin treatment or were encouraged to do so after reading her site. Even TV show Nip/Tuck, which is about doctors who perform plastic surgery on patients who want to stay young forever, talks about a fictitious beauty product that contains semen.



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