Face to face camera sexy

During the dramatic event in January 2009 Captain Chesley 'Sully' Sullenberger landed US Airways Flight 1549 in the river when both engines lost thrust after the aircraft struck a flock of geese following take-off from New York's La Guardia airport.

Now, the company’s free camera app has hit the scene and is causing a bit of a stir for its rumored ability to enhance anyone’s beauty. The body is done, but now the face needs a little work again. The captain, who suffered from post-traumatic stress after the emergency landing, added: 'I went from living my life anonymously for 58 years to being a public figure known globally in a matter of minutes.Naver Corporation’s Line has been steadily becoming a juggernaut of smartphone apps in recent months. However, with just a little creative use of the standard features you can give yourself what would otherwise take years of training. From there just use the “volume” function on your arms, legs and chest, and behold!


Not only does GO now look ultra buff, but his sexiness appears to be ripping through the very fabric of space and time.

We’re sure you’ll agree our reporter looks awfully pretty this way…



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