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More than 80% of Chinese families use Chinese Farmer's Almanac to find the lucky date and time for the special occasions like wedding, engagement, store grand opening, residential relocation and so on.

The web site provides Chinese Farmer's Almanac 2009-2015 with the Event Search function, which should help people to plan their schedule easier and earlier.

There are some cities and towns across the United States that have their own versions of Farmer’s Day, with celebrations and festivals on various dates throughout the year. October does seem fitting for celebrating National Farmer’s Day as it is near the end of the harvest.

Many farmers will be able to take a rest from their hard labor to join in the celebration of this holiday.

I met Chris at a rock show, and after three drinks and about twice as many not-too-subtle glances, we introduced ourselves. And that’s a super-romantic thing for a partner, which is great because people are generally excited about dating me.

But after The Farmer and I settled on being Just Friends, I had the chance to ask him about what romance on the farm actually looks like — over margaritas in the city, of course. “Because here’s the deal: It’s this fantasy job — being a steward of the land and being a farmer is the most honest job you could ever imagine.

Which was ironic, because my friends exclusively identified him as “The Farmer.” There’s a lot of romanticizing that happens around the idea of being a farmer — hell, enough so that betrothed couples across the country are banging down the barn door to get married on mist-laden agrarian dreamscapes.

We talked a fair amount about his farm, roughly two hours from the city, but it always felt like it existed in a sort of alternate universe that didn’t have anything to do with the one in which we drank beers at pool bars.


A day of honor is very much deserved to all of the hard-working farmers.

National Farmer’s Day is observed annually on October 12th as a day for them and to pay tribute to all farmers throughout American history.


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