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In some of our recent posts, we have discussed the calendar and it’s origin.One topic that we have not yet addressed is the topic of the solar calendar – also known as the Enoch calendar.This topic also ties in nicely with the recent in depth studies about the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Essenes.We often read that one of the ways to explain the misconception that Y’Shua was keeping a Pesach meal a day before the rest of the community, is the fact that He was following another calendar.He warned His followers about the teachings of the Essenes.Let us do a more detailed study of the Enoch calendar and the calendar of the Essenes.We have recently seen some groups starting to promote the Enoch calendar as the “” calendar of YHVH.


According to them the lunar calendar was never part of the first temple period.Most often, the calendar referred to is the calendar followed by the Essenes.In our previous article, we have shown that Y’Shua was most likely anti-Essene.The more we know about this calendar the better we can decide what the Scriptural calendar is.

There is no record of the Enoch calendar in the Scripture.We can find the most likely origin or proof of this calendar in the books of Enoch and Jubilees.



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