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We are told to wear something "more flattering" and "not to show so much skin" and "put your boobs away Melissa, you are scaring the children." Oh, I'm sorry, I would have cleavage even if I wore a turtleneck and I'm sick of trying to hide it. We are told by the media that we need to live in shame, stop eating seventeen cheeseburgers, and hide our bodies. I feel like I was put on this earth to be colorful and take up space and I am not ashamed. Just look at any women's magazine -- not a dimple in sight! We are also told that no one is going to want to have sex with us, especially someone conventionally attractive. I am most likely going to be the fattest person in the room at all times and I gladly accept that role. [email protected], they want to do so much more than hold hands now.


As they hook up with more and more grannies, they find out their age and add it up to their total sums.

He set up a trap for the mom of one of his buddies.



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