Fetish introduction dating volga russian dating site

Sure, they may have encountered the occasional creepster, but those certainly weren’t the majority of the people contacting them like they were me.I even looked through one of my friend’s Tinder accounts; none of the messages were as vulgar as mine.Thinking about it now, I’m sure I’ve been hit on in the past by people who deep down had that kind of fetish; they just weren’t being so blatant about it like these Tinder guys, who can hide behind their phones.


I had never thought of myself as someone with a so-called fetish body, which sounds kind of naïve now that I say it, because I’ve looked like this pretty much my whole life.

I’m 5’2", my bra size is 36J — yes, there are bras that go all the way to J — my pants are around a 14.



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