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MPE Tubes are supplied in Aluminium Alloys 1100, 1050, 3102, etc.

We are extruding Precision Industrial Profiles with our 1800 UST Extrusion Press .

Industrial profiles are supplied in Aluminium Alloys 6063, 6061, 1070, etc…

Rink opens at the days we end at – puck drops at sharp June M, W, F am to am for the whole month.

Multi-Port Extruded tubes are special tubes developed for constructing condenser coils, which is used in Air-conditioners and heat exchangers for both automotive and domestic industry.

MPE Tubes are also widely used for intercooler, oil cooler and evaporator.

The Pietro Fiorentini Multiphase and Wet Gas Flow Meters are non intrusive, inline systems providing real time measurement of oil, water and gas flow rates in the dispersed phase of the flow avoiding the use of large systems based on phase separation.

OSE Industries’ Engineers work closer with our customers, develop and design profiles in various shapes to suit various industries.

Flowatch HS Multiphase Wet Gas meter is a non – intrusive, inline system, providing real time measurement of oil, water and gas flow rates in all multiphase flow regimes without any separation or rotating parts.

It is the fourth generation of Pietro Fiorentini Multiphase Flowmeters, obtained as an evolution of the Flowatch Multiphase & Wetgas models, implementing the latest state of the art technologies such as the NIR (near infrared) optical probe in order to provide an even more reliable and robust measurement to our customers.



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