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A: Job offer is not a requirement for work permit applications.

Q: I'm working in Fiji, and want to have my partner and children with me.

Contact the Fiji Higher Education Commission for information regarding registered/recognized tertiary institutions. A: Yes, for those in primary and secondary schools Q: Do I need a confirmed or return ticket when I lodge my student permit application? Non-regional students are to apply from outside the country.

Q: Can I home school my children while we are in Fiji temporarily? A: Previous and current passport to be submitted for transfer of permits. Q: Fiji employers are not willing to offer me employment. A: You will need a Fiji employer to offer you employment.

Q: If I am on a student permit, will my child have to pay foreign student fees to study here? Q: What happens when my student enrollment has been terminated? A: Yes, you can apply for residence permit Q: Can I get a work permit without having a job offer? Q: Can I get residence by running a business in Fiji?

A: Contact the Ministry of Education, Heritage & Arts for information regarding public primary & secondary schools. Q: Do I need to stay with my parent or guardian while studying?

A: You need to search for Fiji vacancies on the web while you are out of Fiji. A: Only Fiji citizens and those on valid work permits or exemption status can visit Fiji on a one way ticket. A: Yes Q: As a visitor, can I apply for a different permit while I'm in Fiji? Q: I'm studying in Fiji, and want to have my partner and children with me. Q: Will I be eligible for further student permits if I was absent from class due to illness?

The rest will need to visit Fiji on a return ticket. A: Yes, a sponsor letter can be from a local or a person holding valid permits in Fiji. Q: Can I travel to Fiji as a visitor, and apply for residence from there? A: Both partner and children can apply for co-extensive residence permit. A: Under the same institution, it is not required that you obtain a new student permit. A: Changing of an education institution requires a new student permit application. A: Yes, there needs to be a satisfactory medical report to prove the nature of your illness.

Q: I'm coming to Fiji to participate in a sports event. A: A 14-days business visa, free of charge, will be issued on arrival Q: Cruise ship passengers A: If a passenger is disembarking from the vessel, he/she will need a return ticket to his/her country of domicile. Q: I am a long term student and my spouse/partner of the same sex wishes to join me. Q: I’ve yet to finish my study period in Fiji but I need to temporarily leave and come back. Q: How long will my student permit be valid for, if granted? Q: Where can I find out about Fiji’s education system?

A: This depends on how long the temporary period is valid for.

Q: What does a job offer need to include to satisfy Immigration requirements? Q: Options for Religious Workers A: They need work permits for long term or authority on short term basis.


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