Filipino cupid dating

Maybe they drop chatting because they think in a short time relationship , so if you can go there as soon as possible is ok , if not , they have a lack of interest , it seems to me very childish and stupid .Also a few girls were a bit rude with me , in the beginning they chatted with me they gave me their facebook , afterwards they didn't chat anymore , and seemed busy , they have so many foreigners in their facebook when they are good looking , it seems like hunting ..All girls in the beginning they look interesting and you can create something , after a while they drop chatting to you , even via facebook , and if you say hello to them they seem quite bothered .



don't know why , I mean for some girls I wasn t so good looking , maybe because of bald hairs .

There are many Filipina women already in the United States and if you are sincere it would be a lot more safer and less expensive to travel within the US VS going to the Philippines and getting rolled, robbed and your heart broken. If her name is Gina Quijencio better run as fast as you can because she is not only a crook, but she is pimped by her brother and her mother as well. Good looking , I am just bald , and I have to say it caused me trouble also there ..

You must be very careful because there are many who say: "I love you." in a week or sometimes even less. First they think that Americans/older men are lonely and love hearing the "I Love You." scenario etc and Secondly they are setting you up to probably believe them and/or trust them so they can start whining about how hard it is.... However the experience with the girls , we as white west men think that Asian or Philippinas are different, serious , conservative , that's why I was there indeed .

And if you stop and think about it....10 men sending minimum of .00 dollars a month or even more. So I would encourage all men who are considering a cow from Filipino Cupid to take your time and check them out diligently because there are crooks and then there are crooks. come back to the US and continue the long distance relationship including sending money for marriage ceremony and an occasional gift here and pay a family members bill etc. I hadn't any problem paying the site , just because I use a prepaid card , so I don't care if they renew the subscription .


, don't like that , also I met a few of them with American boyfriend , but they have different boyfriends in the same time ,and they were not bar girls as someone wrote above , since the moment they have so many men writing to them , American from their facebook are the 70% of the men they meet online .I met a girl, she seemed very good person , we chatted intense 1 month , she also changed her surname with my surname because she loved me and bla bla ..


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