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With your consent Canoodle extract your interests from Facebook to easily match others similar to you.

Canoodle never shares information with third parties, posts on Facebook on your behalf or has any contact with your Facebook contacts.

Positive Singles offers STD singles the perfect platform with an environment that is free of any criticism or prejudice, providing thousands of other profiles, to find love, support and sympathy from others who are similarly infected.

Customising and filtering your search makes the process unique and tailored to you.

Canoodle allows you to meet people online with complete privacy and autonomy over your profile.

Positive Singles is undoubtedly the #1 and the best dating site for people going through STDs or sexually transmitted diseases.

It was started in 2002 and has more than 1,127,700 members as of now, with roughly equal number of males and females.

On Canoodle you don't have to spend hours looking through pictures of people and reading profiles, simply put in your interests and Canoodle will highlight who matches you.

Herpes dating sites are quite different from the regular online dating sites.If someone has been diagnosed with Herpes / HSV, HPV, HIV / AIDS or any other STD, our selection of the top ten herpes dating sites that are exclusively devoted to such people, will allow you to meet others like you, in an environment that is free of stigma and discrimination.You can find friendship, companionship, communal support and love at these sites, which have plenty of unique features that are simple and easy to use.Here, it is possible to meet someone special who makes you feel better about yourself.


Canoodle matches you with those who have similar interests.So if you make a profile with your interests then Canoodle will find others like you.


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