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Fortunately, I don’t have any disgruntled exes, so I came out of it alive.It all started when I got an e-mail from graduate student Aneesah Silvels, advertising a speed-dating event in the G-area of the Student Academic Center (SAC).But in order to have a truly successful event, there would have to be more people than just the people who don’t know anyone else.Speed dating is supposed to be for people who’ve never met each other before — it adds anonymity.After doing some thinking, I concluded that it would be cool to see what kind of people would actually come to this kind of event.I wasn’t interested in dating anyone, but was more curious about whom I would be meeting at the event.If you have a horrible date, you don’t have to worry about ever seeing that person again. The event was small, organized by a graduate student for a class project.So, of course, being a class project, it was not perfectly organized — nor did it go smoothly.



So, I was optimistic about the event, despite the fact that a skeptical friend told me that Gallaudet was too small for something like a speed-dating event.

After having attended the event, I have to concede defeat. If the event had been well-advertised, more people would have attended — that much is true.


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