Fitness and power for dating program

The last description she couldn’t imagine before her own breast cancer diagnosis.

Instagram can be so much more than selfies and scenery.

Avidan, the director of the UCLA Sleep Disorders Center, says the fall time switch is certainly easier on the body than when we lose an hour of...

Pete Compton, a 79-year-old retired construction worker from Newport Beach, stunned his daughter twice on his birthday earlier this year: First, he showed up at her Corona home on a bicycle.

Next, he turned down her offer to drive him home, instead pedaling all the way back to the beach, a 60-mile...

It’s time to change the clocks on Sunday and get an "extra" hour of sleep. These California Instagrammers can help you find workouts, inspiration and those fitness...

Follow the right mix of trainers, yogis and nutritionists in California’s #Fit Fam, and you’ll find it easier to stay motivated and on track with your goals.

Erin Olivera waited weeks for doctors to tell her why her youngest son was paralyzed.


Wednesday marks the second-annual “Cancer Schmancer” Health Summit spearheaded by actress Fran Drescher.

The event will cover an array of cancer-related talks; the holistic approach will be discussed by actress Marilu Henner and her husband, Michael Brown, who dealt with his bladder and lung cancer...


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