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The best thing about one night stands is the fact that they’re typically with a stranger.

View a one night stand as a physical experience, not an emotional one, and save your heart and emotions for that special someone – not the drunk guy you picked up after drinking one too many shots.

Equally as important as guarding yourself is the ability to pick the right person.

It’s better to enjoy the experience while it lasts, but don’t allow yourself to get too emotionally involved.

Protecting your emotions is the number one thing someone can do to have an exciting, and pleasurable one night stand experience.

Sometimes, one night stands leave both parties feeling great, and other times they turn into a mortifying experience that is tucked away in a deep corner of the memory, never to be revisited.

Instead, view a one night stand as a simple and easy way to relieve stress and have fun with another person.People who enter one night stands with the mindset of an overrated happily-ever-after story typically leave with a crushed heart, and shattered ego.


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    During the early days (the first couple of months, at least) don’t rush into vulnerability, set a pattern of talking for hours every day, or make serious commitments.

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    According to the Inside Track gals, NESN's Heidi Watney is dating former Boston Red Sox grounds crew member Paul Williams. Is Heidi Watney and Jason Varitek currently dating?

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