Foreign sex chats

Nothing else You’re still wearing glasses and your hair is in a pony tail You have light make up.

Just enough to accentuate your features Her: I like it…

Me: cool Now, I wonder what you are doing in this scene…..

Her: recently he is “whirling” for me sex in the kitchen.

I’m still wearing my suit my tie is loose, so I take it off So I’m licking your breasts and grabbing your butt you are moaning, pulling my head towards you, moving around I can feel you want me to touch you so I slowly drag my hand down your body over your breasts down your stomach lightly scratching the inside of your thighs your whole body shakes, with anticipation finally, I place my hand on your panties first, I just hold it there you breath out deeply, it makes you feel safe Her: heh…. I’m just enjoying the touch of your body beneath my hands Her: you are knowing exactly, what the woman needs Me: Enjoying the smell of your neck I can feel your heart beating, I can see the pulse in your neck I enjoy making you wait making the anticipation build into something special then, when i think you are about to explode….

I start massaging you through your panties Slowly at first. Up and down, slightly pushing into you I hold my mouth next to yours, not quite touching after a couple of minutes you are very very hot I can feel your skin burning with passion I spin you around You are facing the wall.

Me: +15 nice demure response I want to feel your butt too I’m sitting in Starbucks, writing….. I’m suddenly turned on by you Her: I don’t know why recently this way I am acting to men….😦 Me: What do you mean? Wagner I think You are wearing white panties and a light beige bra.

which will arrive in two weeks🙂 Me: think about it now Imagine we are alone perhaps in a kitchen and I walk over to you. 😀 Me: I look down into your eyes you can feel my breathing against your skin your heart starts to beat faster, and your mouth feels dry you lookup into my eyes Her: I like it in you.



you hit Me: So you are standing, leaning against the wall one of your feet is up on a chair I have my hands on your hips while I kiss your stomach I hold your thigh tightly with one hand while I unhook your bra with the other hand your bra falls to the kitchen floor, and your breasts are freed I look at them for a few moments. Then I move my head down and begin to blow lightly over your nipples, without touching You grab the back of my head. I wait until you are moaning, then I flick out my tongue and start to play with your breasts Her: you must absolutely have the shirt white, up to the half unbuttoned Me: business shirt?Her: yes : D it is probably my single condition😉;) Me: maybe I just came back from work.


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