Fre live cam4

It is the simplest Cam4 Ripper and Converter to use - just start capturing and it will automatically detect and rip Music, Video and Radio streams and then convert them into i Phone, i Pod, PSP, Zune, Xbox and other Step by Step: Using Flash Rip as a Cam4 Ripper and Converter 1.Click "Capture URL" button, and start URL sniffer 2. Flash Rip will automatically detect and begin to rip the stream. If a conversion preset is selected Flash Rip will automatically convert the ripped Cam4 stream when rip finished.

If you have viewers you can interact with them in the chat room.

Imagine having a live video stream of your dog while you are at work or having a live video feed of the washer to know when your clothes are done. There is a simple one click button to share your streams with the world.

Select a conversion setting from the dropdown list if required.

Cam Stumble is a live cam and random video chat website. Offers Random Chat, Live Cams, Chat Rooms, and more...

I’ve also lived and worked accross the Channel in the UK for many years so we can do business in English or en français!

When I don’t help build a better web and save the world, I love travelling, carrying a baguette under my arm and eating large amounts of cheese.


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