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Speaking of sex positions…you’ll find over 100 right here, with professional pictures demonstrating each position.

You’ll also find a big list of dirty questions here.

You can personalize the text version of these texting games by making the category into something like “my favorite book” or “the first musician/group I saw in concert,” so you can get to know each other better while playing.

Or if you’re playing after dark, pick a steamier category like “sex position” or “fetish” for an extra exciting exchange.


This classic game involves only asking questions, and it can actually be even more interesting when you aren’t able to give anything away with a hasty response or a facial expression.

This not only keeps your relationship exciting, but can also ensure better sexual compatibility the next time you see each other.

You can start it out with a sexy message like, Maybe even include a picture of the bath and a little skin to help him visualize.

Ask him what he would want to do next and exchange fantasies from there.

Technology has made it possible to have a dynamic, satisfying relationship no matter what the distance, but that doesn’t mean you can completely ditch the creativity needed to keep your relationship interesting.Texting games are great for maintaining the playful, engaging atmosphere that every relationship needs to thrive, but it can be difficult to think of good ideas for doing this over the limited medium of text messages.


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