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Sexy Spirits was established in 1999 in New York City to initiate and expand greater consciousness and awareness into our Livingness as a sexual body.

We depart from the premise that we, as human beings, are attempting to become more spiritual, and instead begin with the premise that we are Infinite Beings negotiating with Life as a sexual body.


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    Men might play soccer with their buddies in the afternoon, women might have a coffee and go shoppping with their female friends but they do not go out at night and leave their partner alone at home.

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    It was during this time that they began decorating the community Christmas tree, under the direction of Mrs. In 1929 the club became a member of the General Federation of Women's Clubs which was founded in 1890 by Jennie June Croly.

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    The revelation emerged from a report published earlier this month by the American Heart Association, looking at whether patients with heart problems could safely resume their sex lives after treatment.

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    I’ve spilled a lot of ink elsewhere on this phenomenon, but it’s important to remember that your brain is constantly generating new neurons.

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