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The initial consultation is twenty five to fifty minutes long.


The patient is always encouraged to bring up any problems, whether they seem related or not. If it is hard for a patient to know where or how to start, I will help by asking questions or providing ideas from what I've learned in previous sessions. Signs of progress may include: Patients often ask what are the markers of progress.

The exceptions to the rule of confidentiality are dictated by law.

During the initial consultation we discuss any questions the client might have about my policies and the law.

During the period of treatment, we will track certain indicators of improvement.


Generally, the signs of progress fall under two categories: the patient feeling better and the patient doing better.The first has to do with reducing or eliminating painful symptoms, such as excessive sadness or nervousness.


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    The Mobile Guidance applies the existing DAA principles of transparency and control to the collection, use, and sharing of covered data for certain purposes.

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