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Pinocchio: I've got no strings To hold me down To make me fret, or make me frown I had strings But now I'm free There are no strings on me Hi-ho the merry-o That's the only way to be I want the world to know Nothing ever worries me One sheet music version prints the bridge as this stanza: Hi-ho the merry-o I'm as happy as can be I want the world to know Nothing ever worries me I've got no strings So I have fun I'm not tied up to anyone They've got strings But you can see There are no strings on me Dutch puppet: You have no strings Your arms is free To love me by the Zuyder Zee Ya, ya, ya If you would woo I'd bust my strings for you French puppet: You've got no strings Comme ci comme ça Your savoir-faire is ooh la la!

I've got strings But entre nous I'd cut my strings for you Russian puppet: Down where the Volga flows There's a Russian rendezvous Where me and Ivan go But I'd rather go with you, hey!

At No Strings we don’t follow the usual dating portal restrictions and the site is 100% free and will always be.

Please take time and use the contact form to recommend improvements you would like to see and help us build a “community for the community”.

It is performed by Pinocchio as he stars in his first and only show for Stromboli.

Other puppets, representing different countries, join in throughout the show.

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    Her best known roles include starring as Jacy in The Last Picture Show, Maddie Hayes in Moonlighting, as Cybill Sheridan in Cybill, as Betsy in Taxi Driver and as Phyllis Kroll in The L Word.

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    -Article: [Exclusive] Ki Sung Yong 'HJ SY 24' on his cleats... Of course she'd prefer a 20 something year old soccer player than any man in his 30s around her age. [+54, -17] What if Han Hye Jin and Naul broke up because of him? [+23, -5] Han Hye Jin always said she'd never have premarital sex... [+162, -27] Then with what intentions did Ki Sung Yong use those initials? [+165, -38] I didn't think they were dating at first either but there's no smoke without fire... A handsome man and a beautiful woman coming together.3.

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    This includes everything from helping you connect online with potential Russian brides, dating services, through to translating the correspondence between you and your lady and organising personal meetings.

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    There are many women who struggle to find dates, whether it’s because they’re too tall, too big, too whatever. This complaint translates as “the hot woman I want to fuck but won’t give me the time of day can get sex any time she wants.” Beyond that, the ability to get a sexual partner within a pre-set amount of time or with whatever suitable definition of “ease” might be isn’t exclusive to women.

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    My legs were not yet ready for an intense leg workout at the gym this morning. I kept things light and began with 20 minutes on the elliptical before doing three sets of 15 repetitions of the following exercises at a lighter-than-usual weight: Though my legs still feel a bit fatigued, they’re almost back to normal and lightly working them out felt good!

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    RSVP, Australia's largest dating site, was founded Valentine's Day in 1997.

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