Free fuck sites with no credit cards needed

This one is legitimate however and is run by Gratis Internet, a well-known Washington based customer acquisition company.Their goal is to link up with advertisers and publishers and then try to steer as many customers as possible in their direction.Many testimonials have surfaced from people who have received i Pods from the offer and encouraging others to sign-up.Some people have even started affiliate websites called “conga lines” to show people this isn't a con.


Gratis must be making a fair amount of money per subscription to be able to offer such an expensive free gift.The economics don't really make much sense as a subscription to AOL for a year doesn't come anywhere near close to the i Pod retail price.People signing up to the offer has recently spiked unsurprisngly due to increased publicity and purely due to the fact it is a real offer.Read more at Wired It all seems pretty above board on all accounts so if you have 5 friends who would be willing to sign u,p give it a go and let's see how you get on.

After the free trial has ended you can easily cancel and receive your free i Pod in the post.Many people have been sceptical of such a scheme due to the many matrix or pyramid schemes seen on e Bay and around the web also offering free i Pods.


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