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The oldest person ever from Germany is Augusta Holtz, who died in the USA in 1986 aged 115 years 79 days.The oldest person ever to be born and die in Germany was Maria Laqua who died aged 112 years and 362 days.Stephan married twice and gave birth to four daughters.He was the oldest living man from 21 March 1968, following the death of John Mosely Turner, until Wedeking's death at age 110 years, 207 days.


During a visit of a bishop for example, she had spoken at once and told a lot.Anna Stephan (25 March 1892 – 3 August 2003) was a German supercentenarian who was born in Altenteich, Bohemia as one of 12 children.As of 10 November 2016, there are 10 living supercentenarians in Germany.The oldest of them is Gustav Gerneth, age Karl Friedrich Wedeking (10 October 1862 – ) was one of the first German supercentenarians. He was one of the founding members of the gliders club, which was started in 1931 and is still active in Blomberg today.


It was reported that Laqua was in need of care, bedridden and not accessible during her last years.Nevertheless there were also good days when Maria Laqua had a flash and spoke.


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