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    These conferences consist of in depth presentations from professionals speaking on Federal and State tax regulations as well as other pertinent topics.

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    : ) You have your two percent conversion rate (though just to be generous I am probably showing a number much higher than that above). For the macro conversion you measure Outcomes (say orders, see this post for definitions: Conversion Rate Basics & Best Practices). in the most social of social environments your ability to create meaningful conversation.

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    &who=r, Sg GG4LMav FE/s CD8_8eh2k Alr DNd KZKj NY7s N1lh ITQ9Jor OMm Prd S6VJkl616d A1Sej F_1Vin L1q7AL_2NWo Slm M/Dclldjr URmf Ql UPLm Lh UTsc Rg7nt3Hfih TRGIM&action=list' } else { var link = '/p/cams/view.cgi?

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    Please suggest on what event and how can i do such validation.

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