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The SARC opened in September 2010 and aims to empower victims by allowing them to report their abuse and undergo medical examinations without prompting a police investigation.

Norfolk and Suffolk police launched the ‘Time to Stop’ Rape Campaign in June 2012 to raise awareness of rape and sexual violence in both counties, particularly among young women and men aged 17 to 24.


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Detective Inspector Richard Ellis, who leads the unit, said: “Macro was clearly using the dating website to seek out women with whom he could fulfil his own sexual gratifications.“Both victims have been left extremely traumatised by the attacks which happened in their own homes which are meant to be a place of safety.“Both women should be commended for the bravery they have shown in speaking to the police and giving evidence in court.”Macro, who had been found guilty of one count of rape and one count of sexual assault on Thursday July 9, was sentenced for a total of 17 years in prison and given an extended licence period of five years.John Mark Macro, of Church Road, Colby, was sentenced at Norwich Crown Court today after being found guilty of rape and sexual assault.


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