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Rumors of the pictures and videos reached school officials and parents who called the police to investigate.Once investigators identified the girl as a minor, they placed all three under arrest.Sexting refers to an act of sending sexually explicit materials through mobile phones. The word is derived from the combination of two terms sex and texting. S A teenager texting sexually explicit photographs of themselves, or of their friends or partners, can be charged with distribution of child pornography and those who receive the images can been charged with possession of child pornography. A sex scandal in the news never fails to catch the public’s attention.

All three teens face charges of trafficking child pornography.These young men and women did not learn from the horror stories of similar incidents.Sexting by teens has spread nationwide, which raises an question: is sexting illegal?Are teens involved in sexting placing themselves at a huge risk of a ruined reputation and legal consequences?

On May 1, 2014, two middle school boys in Chicago were arrested after investigators found sexually explicit videos and pictures on the boy’s cell phones.

The two allegedly sent pictures and video of a classmate performing sexual acts to five other students from the same school, who continued spreading the materials, via cell phone, to a large number of students.


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