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Nowadays if you want to win a girl over you not only need to be a master of dinner conversation but you’ll also need to know how to flirt through text messages.

It’s important to avoid any keypad mistakes that you will regret the next day, and also to NOT trivialize the conversation. We’re going to show you how to compose the perfect SMS to flirt with girls, grab their curiosity and hold their attention.

The unique power of SMS is that it allows you to communicate in a totally different way, without fear and approach anxiety, and through the words of seduction.

The first objective is to create an atmosphere that will pave the way to flirt with her.

To achieve this, the first crucial thing to do is to avoid establishing a normal conversation.

Luckily, the advantage of text messages is being able to communicate without the usual social chit chat required in face to face situations.When you are sitting at a table the dialogue with a stranger tends to always touch on the same discussions.Not everyone is creative but imagination does help, especially during the initial stages when the intrigue is still strong, where each one tries to “hit” the other with certain phrases for effect.We’ll give you some creative text messages further down.


And avoid getting into the habit of sending sms messages too fast, or even worse with grammatical errors.

You don’t want her to think that you are lazy or uncaring. In a way the first texts that you send are like advertising, because you have a short window of opportunity to pique her curiosity.


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