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Get to know individual performers through their profiles and let them get to know you by posting your own bio and photos.When you join a model's fan club you can even read their online diaries and email them directly.Private Chats: Direct the performer to satisfy any desire you wish!Almost anything goes as you and your favorite models spend as much private time together as you like.For more intimate access to Cams models, members can also upgrade to Premiere memberships, and join model Fan Clubs to receive perks like special treatment from the models, live chat discounts, and much more!



Basic members can also purchase tokens to use in nude/private chats and watch thousands hours of recorded shows.

As the name Private Chat suggests, other members cannot hear the audio (when available) or see the text of your conversation.


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    “And they owe it to him to make the relationship work.” The Mariposa Center for Change helps about 50 Filipino women every year who came to the states through dating websites and end up victims of abuse and domestic violence.

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    A guy can psych himself up for an hour to go talk to a woman, but when the moment comes to actually DO IT, EVERYTHING changes.

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    Those expecting salacious retellings of her drugs-and-alcohol-crazed formative years should turn back.

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