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In the latter half of 2006, the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) commissioned a study via its Teaching and Learning committee to examine the issues surrounding sustainability of open source software.

The resulting report drew together seven case studies of successful but very different open source projects and examined each project’s sustainability model.

The name ‘Moodle’ was originally an acronym for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment.

It is also a verb found in larger dictionaries, meaning something like a cross between ‘muse’ and ‘doodle’, describing the kind of creative tinkering that is common among Moodle developers and teachers as they use Moodle.

I see my role as being the person responsible for creating the initial conditions for an ecosystem to flourish and although I’m very much informed by trends and discussions in the community, the major decision-making comes down to me.

It is written in PHP, runs on nearly every available server platform, and can be used by anyone with a Web browser.It has been translated into over 70 languages and supports the popular SCORM standard for content packaging.This case study, examining the Moodle project, has been written by Martin Dougiamas, Managing Director, Moodle Pty Ltd.Moodle is an open source Web application (released under the GNU General Public License) designed for producing Internet-based courses and websites.

The company sets guidelines for the quality of services, handles issues relating to ‘Moodle’ in general (such as dealing with software patents, publicity etc.), mediates disputes, runs the Moodle Partner community site, steers and manages the development of Moodle itself, and looks after the Moodle community sites.

For the most part, Moodle is run as a ‘benevolent dictatorship’.


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