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We also have public chat rooms, where more than two users chat together. Chat Chat is an online multiplayer game by Terry Cavanagh, creator of VVVVVV.

Read More Your experience greatly depends upon the people you meet and how cool they are.

Make sure you have Javascript enabled and any ad blockers disabled. :-) Games with lots of online interactions always carry the risk of someone pulling a stunt like that.

If you continue to have difficulty, try emptying your browser's cache and reload the page. It keeps saying "Enter Room Name to Create" but when I try, it just says that that room isn't available or something...

For example: I once played an epic game of dog tag with another kitty, only to block him out of the tree by getting a bunch of other cats to sleep near the base. If you don't find cool people at first, keep trying, they're out there! I'm trying to play this game because it sounds really cool, but it won't load for me.


It just shows a black screen where the game should be.I tried Kitty Rpg and Kitty Rpg2 but they didn't work either. I keep trying to play this game but I keep getting what the game is calling a "connection error".


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