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In classical sociological theory, the concept of lifestyle denotes a pattern of conduct, habits, and orientations for the individual, an expression of belonging to a particular group, and some suggestions of structured life chances.9 10 Lifestyle as “identity” has significant implications for marketing.According to the Oxford English Dictionary, Alfred Adler used the term as early as the 1920s to mean a person's basic character, established early in life, which governs reactions and behaviour.8 By 1973, the definition and use of the term lifestyle had shifted to describe an identity by an individual8.



MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES Primary focus; mention of health effects, environmental tobacco smoke, or scientific research; quotation and description of individuals; characteristics such as sex, age, ethnicity, smoking status, affiliation, and stance towards cigars; and overall image of cigars.

RESULTS Cigar business-focused articles were the largest category (40%, n = 143), followed by articles about cigar events (12%, n = 42).

The creation and marketing of new tobacco use sites challenges the increasing “isolation” of smokers, and positions cigar use as a socially welcome relief from restrictions.

Public health advocates should anticipate and challenge other new tobacco marketing vehicles as communications technologies advance and public spaces for smoking shrink.

Compared to non-smokers, cigar smokers are at increased risk for cancer, heart disease, and pulmonary disease and have higher mortality from any cause.1 2 Passive cigar smoke may also be a health risk.3 Despite these health risks, during the late 1990s, cigar sales increased by more than 50%.This increase was due almost exclusively to the rising sales of large cigars.4 Surveys among California adults, between 19, showed that the increase in cigar smoking occurred primarily among younger, more educated adults.5 Additionally, widespread use of cigars, especially relatively cheap, machine made cigars, has been found among teenagers.6 Cigar bars, cigar clubs, cigar nights at restaurants, and cigar specialty stores appeared in major cities.


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