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Ranging from childhood to matured works and those that did not make it to the silver screen, it was an exhibition not only meant for Tim Burton fans but to anyone else who wants to be inspired. have the hots for *sigh On 22 November 2009, Mo MA gave Tim Burton a blockbuster retrospective of his 700+ objects and artworks.

come to think about it, most fairy tales themes are dark and violent.

Oh I know Edward Scissorhands…or Nightmare before Xmas.. ) Besides the mainstream stuff, the exhibition showed a lot of ‘never been seen’ films and art works.

News has it that Tim Burton will make another stop motion film for Addams Family using the traditional method in A Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride..maybe even black and white (yay!

In his exhibition, it was stated that Edward Scissorhands was a reflection of himself, being slightly out of place at where he was growing up.

Tim Burton was born in a suburban area, Burbank in California.Tim Burton’s obsession with Japanese culture can be seen from his version of Hansel and Gretel: American speaking Japanese cast, weird lookin’ Japanese toys, similar style and colour schemes with Godzilla.


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