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You can also send us the below information on our email [email protected]: AGE: HEIGHT: VITAL STATISTICS: CONTACT DETAILS: CITY OF RESIDENCE: 3 PHOTOGRAPHS : Close up, mid-length and full-length Step 3 DO NOT COURIER YOUR DOCUMENTS TO THE OFFICE YOU WILL BRING THE DOCUMENTS ONLY IF SHORTLISTED TO THE CITY PAGEANT/REGIONAL AUDITION 1. If applicant doesn't have a Passport she must apply for one as soon as possible and send in details. Copy of birth certificate 3) Fitness certificate a). Should be made on Rs.100 stamp paper and notarized. Three photographs - Close up, mid-length and full-length If you don't have a portfolio, we recommend you to get one clicked: Following are the few photographers we recommend in the major metros: PLEASE NOTE : They are just recommendations and you are free to get it clicked from anyone else. Step 2 Please do not entertain any queries regarding Miss India and Miss Diva if they are not from the email address stated above."The winner of Miss Diva 2016 will represent India at Miss Universe 2016" The Eligibility Criteria : - Between 18 yrs- under 27 (Under 27- as of January 1st , 2016) - Height 5.5" & above - Unmarried, single and not engaged - Indian Passport holder or OCI (OCI cannot be the title holder but they can be the 1st runner or the 2nd runner up) If your City form is not listed below please fill this form... 6) Jewellery : Appropriate jewellery, accessories to go with your wardrobe jewellery and attire. Makeup: Cannot be loud, has to be minimalist and natural 8.APPLY HERE MISS DIVA MUMBAI 2016: MISS DIVA KOLKATA 2016: MISS DIVA DELHI 2016: MISS DIVA BANGALORE 2016: MISS DIVA PUNE 2016: City Auditions will be conducted in the following cities. Hair: Cannot be pinned up, must be open and have volume The Audition round will have two rounds: The first round, the contestants will be required to wear denim shorts and white ganjees for judges to assess the overall physical criteria- height, proportionality etc. Cocktail dress round: Here the judges could ask you a couple of questions to get to know you better- about yourself, why Miss Diva, questions on your interests, career, future, family etc. Ahmedabad Auditions- CLOSED Kolkata Auditions- CLOSED Lucknow Auditions - CLOSED Delhi Auditions - CLOSED Hyderabad Auditions - CLOSED Pune Auditions- CLOSED Bangalore Auditions- CLOSED Indore Auditions- CLOSED Chandigarh Auditions- CLOSED Mumbai Auditions : CLOSED Protocol Step 1 Applicant will be notified with a registration number (eg : P123456789 ) - upon successful submission of online application which is only an acknowledgement of successful registration.

Miss Diva 2016 was established in 2013 as a franchise for Miss Universe under the Times of India. May be obtained by a local physician / family doctor stating the applicant is physically and mentally fit. Contestants auditioning at all City Auditions, please ensure you bring the following articles: Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Indore and Hyderabad 1) Hot pants (shorts): Denims 2) White singlet / Ganjee 3) Cocktail Dress: 1-2 options of short, fitted, black sexy cocktail dresses.

The Pageant explores and brings together young talent for the fashion, lifestyle and entertainment industry. Please DO NOT wear long evening gowns for round two 4) Inners: Appropriate inners for all above articles such as skin tone panty hose, g - strings, strapless bras, silicone's and cups for swimwear, panty liners etc.


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