Free taboo chat rooms


To use the chatrooms here you'll need to use recent versions of Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer (Safari works fine too).

Please be sure you're using the complete versions of these two browsers.


We have an active chatroom system, courtesy of our friends at, which makes the very popular bondage irc channel available to you in a browser window.

Besides the bondage channel which opens automatically, you can also access hundreds of other chat channels.

If you download a new copy of one of the recommended browsers above it will be turned on by default.

Also, if your computer is behind a firewall, you may have problems unless you lower your security level for this site.


So if you're not already using a complete version of Navigator or Explorer please download a free copy at one of these links...

To get the very best performance from your web browser, both in the chatrooms and everywhere on our Fetish Club site, please be sure that you have Javascript turned on.


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