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Also they may be confirmed be a many-to-many or one-to-many chat room. You may configure the chat room to require a password to enter.• Participants in your chat room may navigate to many other sites and rooms on the list. • Access to a network connecting thousands of people daily. Secure your username by registering in our chat room.• Allows participants to sign in as guest - no registration or lengthy access! • Yap Chat is one of the best chat room on the net which is video, audio and text enabled!• Your created chat room is assigned a direct link: i • Webmasters can use the inclusion of their chat room on the rooms list to market their url.• Chat room options allow you to customize your personal chat experience. • The chat rooms list provides a listed chat room thousands of daily connections.• If you would like to change chat rooms click a listed room to enter the chat room.


If the chat service does not initialize in the browser please install our desktop version from the link further down on this page.Our support team may be reached on the "Contact" page if you require assistance.• Allow only your chat favorites to access your chat room.• For added privacy you may opt to put a password on your room access.


chat provides amazing low latency chat for real-time communications.

• Many user tools to provide "social moderation" of your video chat environment • No software download is required to enable webcam broadcasting to the chat room. Meet many new chat friends on Yap Chat's chat room. • Chat rooms that have a lock indicate a password is required to enter.


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