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We offer two platforms for aerial cinematography: drone (UAV) or helicopter.

Masterchef France required on-location shoots for two episodes of the series, and one to debut the series of Masterchef Morocco.

When working with talent it’s also worth bearing in mind that the helicopter can be configured to carry up to three passengers.

Ideal if you need to get them in and out of remote areas quickly, or shoot multiple locations in one day. Aerial filming with drones or helicopters always requires strict safety measures and this is particularly the case when filming large movie or TV projects involving multiple cast and crew members.

We captured one of our favourite shots of all time here – a glistening shot of horses running over waterlogged fields in the Camargue, with sunlight bouncing off the water.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones, are an affordable, fast, and flexible solution that are often more convenient for aerial filming shoots than using a helicopter.

We aim to be risk aware, but not risk averse, so will work on any project as long as we can understand and manage the potential hazards.

If you would like to direct the footage in real time, you can see what the drone records via our ground-based monitoring screens.



We would recommend choosing our UAV platform if you need aerial shots which require: We use a DJI S900 drone with the Panasonic Lumix GH4 4K resolution camera, which achieves a stunning level of clarity and depth.

We can also shoot in 1080p if you prefer, and at up to 200mbps recording quality, the footage at this lower resolution is even better for grading.


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