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Our Navigator cruises allow you to discover the Croatian coastline like never before as each route takes you to the best places in Dalmatia.

Dive off your ship into the turquoise blue Adriatic in your daily swim stops, explore the UNESCO city of Split and meander the spectacular Dubrovnik wall!

These details are important as they allow us to ensure we can reach you in a timely manner, and are put onto a boat with likeminded travellers.

Swim in secluded bays and explore historic towns and villages.

Watch golden sunsets with your friends whilst sipping cool drinks from the decks of your boat and let the mood take you out in the evenings to waterside cafes or vibrant bars and clubs.

Our Navigator Cruises are perfect for the under 35s!



One of the best reasons to join us this summer and why our Events Passes are included for free!

In this section we require you to enter your contact details, and some information about yourself.


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