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Please note the following that the Organizing Institute DOES NOT Answer to the queries on For all the queries pertaining to the admission procedure at Admitting Institute, Please contact the respective Admitting Institute.Opening & Closing Ranks for admission through JAM 2016 can be seen here. For the FRESH OFFERS: If you DO NOT successfully pay the Seat Booking Fee on or before the last date mentioned in the Offer-Letter, this offer of admission WILL BE cancelled. If you do not join the programme as per the Offer Letter of the Admitting Institute, the offer of Admission is automatically cancelled. Seat Booking Fee will not be refunded, even if you pay the fees but not join the Admitting Institute. For queries on matters related to Admitting Institute, please contact the Admitting Institute. Accepted the Offers in Round 3 (Final Round) along with successful payment of Seat Booking Fee 2. Got Offers in Round 1 and Round 2 (Not upgraded in subsequent rounds, though opted for 'Accept with Upgrade' or chose 'Accept and Freeze' & remain in the same course) are requested to report to the Admitting Institute with all original documents as per their offer letter.Holding a seat in a class for which you do not intend to enroll is prohibited.

The plot revolves around the lives of six students — Vod, Oregon, Josie, Kingsley, JP and Howard — who are freshers (with the exception of Howard) at the fictional Manchester Medlock University.

On a larger scale, the series covers many student-related issues, including financial issues, work pressures and grades, expulsion, partying, and internship competition.

Dear Student if you are not having Aadhaar Number still you can register on the portal with Enrolment No (EID) or your Bank A/C Number with IFSC code as Identifier.

Now you can change your registration details, it is available in student login.

They live in a shared house off-campus in Rusholme rather than university halls of residence, due to their late application.Main themes include Oregon's insecurity and failed relationship with her lecturer, Tony Shales; Vod's hedonistic, carefree lifestyle; Josie and Kingsley's tortured relationship; upper-class JP's attempts at popularity and impressing girls; and Howard's many eccentricities.


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