Freshman in college dating a junior in high school

Organizations throughout the Pittsburgh area offer a variety of scholarships to high school seniors.If you are a high school senior from the Pittsburgh area then don't miss these Pittsburgh scholarship opportunities!These scholarships include the Judith Resnik Challenger Scholarship for Women, Andrew Carnegie Scholarship, Carnegie Mellon Scholarship, and Presidential Scholarship.Scholarship assistance and grants are available to Duquesne Students, including academic achievement scholarships, minority scholarships, ROTC scholarships and scholarships for members of parishes in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh.Children of members of the Bar of Allegheny County are elegible to apply for a number of different scholarships.They also offer a scholarship for law students from Allegheny County enrolled at Notre Dame Law School.They must be preparing for a career in engineering or metallurgy.Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh offers several renewable academic scholarships to incoming freshmen, designed to recognize and reward outstanding academic, artistic, and personal achievement.


Several scholarships are available for undergraduate and graduate students with some affiliation to Pittsburgh or Western Pennsylvania who are pursuing a degree in a nuclear-related or engineering field.Two scholarships are awarded from the Pittsburgh section of AIST each year to the children, grandchildren or spouse of a member who is in good standing.


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