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It is more accurately a specific form of sex-shaming that is reserved for women in a society that upholds the belief that women’s bodies are for men’s consumption and without their approval, women have few rights to make their own choices. Girls learn early on that they will grow up to be part of a “market” at which men will shop for the right wife.

But it was in her condemnation of those who engage in it that I recognized something that is all-too-common and almost a default explanation for why women may have bad experiences: It’s While I would love to go on about how women are free to do as they wish with their own bodies, I fully understand that society is far from accepting this as a universal truth. So, we often default to sex-shaming, and it continues to hinder and harm women and girls around the world.

I don’t call it “slut-shaming”, because I reject the idea of calling a woman who has sex on her own terms a “slut”.

Where are all the European values and adherence to human rights?

A recent post attempted to link online dating to an increased risk of contracting STDs and I was startled by the tone, especially because the author did little to back up her assertions.She seemed adamantly against online dating and maybe she had bad personal experiences. But if we’re being honest with ourselves, we have to acknowledge that our larger society still struggles with allowing women the freedom to make whatever choices they want about their bodies, especially when it comes to sex.



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